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40How do I become a member of The Canadian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association?MembershipFaqDisplayPublic_fr.aspxVoir
41What is the SNC policy, which requires membership in your association?MembershipFaqDisplayPublic_fr.aspxVoir
42I have forgotten my login and password information, what should I do?MembershipFaqDisplayPublic_fr.aspxVoir
44Where can I find a copy of the  NCCP Policy and Procedure Manual for swimming?NCCPFaqDisplayPublic_fr.aspxVoir
45How do I register for an NCCP Course - How do I find a course in my area?NCCPFaqDisplayPublic_fr.aspxVoir
73Where can I find the Making Ethical Decisions on-line (MED) Evaluation Module?NCCPFaqDisplayPublic_fr.aspxVoir
82Backstroke TurnRule InterpretationsFaqDisplayPublic_fr.aspxVoir
83BreaststrokeRule InterpretationsFaqDisplayPublic_fr.aspxVoir
84Butterfly TurnRule InterpretationsFaqDisplayPublic_fr.aspxVoir
85Electronic Relay TakeoversRule InterpretationsFaqDisplayPublic_fr.aspxVoir
86False StartsRule InterpretationsFaqDisplayPublic_fr.aspxVoir
87Judging Strokes vs. TurningRule InterpretationsFaqDisplayPublic_fr.aspxVoir
88Minimum Pool DepthRule InterpretationsFaqDisplayPublic_fr.aspxVoir
89Timing System ProceduresRule InterpretationsFaqDisplayPublic_fr.aspxVoir
91Will coaches taking Level 4 Tasks at an NCI also have to pay a second task fee to CSCTA?Level 4 - 5FaqDisplayPublic_fr.aspxVoir
93Instructins for the MED Module on the coach.ca web siteMED ModuleFaqDisplayPublic_fr.aspxVoir
95I would like to move to Canada to find a job in coaching. What do I need to know?Moving To CanadaFaqDisplayPublic_fr.aspxVoir
96I would like to send a resume to CSCTA so that it can be circulated to Canadian Swim ClubsMoving To CanadaFaqDisplayPublic_fr.aspxVoir
97How does a coach from another country gain access to the deck at SNC Desin=gnated Meets? (Nationals, Trials, Age Grout Nationals, etc)Deck Access SNC Designated MeetsFaqDisplayPublic_fr.aspxVoir
99I have questions about the NCCP program, where can I go for help?NCCPFaqDisplayPublic_fr.aspxVoir
101Where can I find information on legal bathing suits that are permitted for use in competitions?Rule InterpretationsFaqDisplayPublic_fr.aspxVoir
102My membership fees have been paid, how do I complete the registration process?MembershipFaqDisplayPublic_fr.aspxVoir
103How do I sign up for a NCCP coaching course?NCCPFaqDisplayPublic_fr.aspxVoir
104What are the membership costs?MembershipFaqDisplayPublic_fr.aspxVoir

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