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CSCA Continues Online Delivery With Upcoming Stroke Sessions, Partnership with AENQ

Posted 2020-06-11

CSCA Continues Online Delivery With Upcoming Stroke Sessions, Partnership with AENQ


Following the success of the first phase of online learning sessions being offered by the CSCA we are pleased to announce the upcoming schedule of talks. 


Over 700 coaches have participated in our first series of talks over the past six weeks.  Each session is recorded and added to our video library within 24 hours of the talk being completed.  These talks, along with over 150 others, are available free of charge to our members by signing in at  We are confident that there is something helpful for all coaches within the library. 


We are also pleased to announce a partnership with the Quebec Swim Coaches Association (AENQ) to expand on our delivery and include French language content.   "The response to our online sessions has been very positive and we are very excited to partner with the AENQ to expand on this delivery for our membership." said CSCA Executive Director Chris Hindmarch-Watson.  "The AENQ has established a strong leadership role with swim coaches in Quebec and we look forward to working closely with them moving forward." 


The series of seven French language sessions will run every Thursday from June 18 through July 30 at 10am Eastern and feature a variety of topics.  These Sessions will also be recorded and made available in the CSCA Video Library and are open to all CSCA members.  Registration for these sessions is available by contacting the AENQ directly.  We thank the AENQ for their partnership in the delivery of professional development.  


The CSCA has also produced the Coaches in the Square series which are recorded and added directly to our video library.  To date we have conducted episodes with U-Sport Coaches, Dryland during Covid-19, an Apprenticeship Program roundtable and Women in Coaching discussion. 


Over the next week the CSCA will also launch a new segment titled “1 Thing.”  We will be conducting interviews with coaches about one specific topic of their choice.  These will be released on Wednesday’s and available as part of the video library.  Our first episode will feature a conversation with Linda Kiefer from the University of Toronto! 


Upcoming Professional Development Schedule: 


June 16 - Teaching:  Freestyle - Laura Nicholls

June 18 - Coaching:  Sprint Freestyle Panel - Tom Johnson and Ben Titley

June 18 – (French) Planning, Periodization and Interval Training – Nicolas Bussières


June 23 - Teaching: Backstroke - Annie Wolfe

June 25 - Coaching: Backstroke - Ryan Mallette

June 25 – (French) Energy Systems and Sets – Marc-Andre Pelletier & Martin Gingras


June 30 - Introduction to Energy Systems - Tom Rushton

July 2 – (French) Responsibilities and Management of Clubs with Multi Facilities – Marc-Andre Pelletier, Brian Kelly, Alexandre Gendron



July 7 - Teaching: Butterfly - Dave MacDonald

July 9 - Coaching:  Butterfly - Sean Baker

July 9 – (French) – Open Water Race Preparation – Dominique Longtin


July 14 - Teaching: Breaststroke - Alex Pettifer

July 16 - Coaching:  Breaststroke - Vlastimil Cerny

July 16 – (French) Club Culture and Training – Salim Laoubi & Benjamin Guérin


July 21 - TBC

July 23 - TBC

July 23 – (French) – Energy Systems - – TBC (INS Specialist)


July 28 - Teaching:  Individual Medley - Rod Barratt

July 30 - Coaching: Individual Medley - Brad Dingey 

July 30 – (French) Return to Dryland Training for Age Group – TBC (INS Specialist)

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