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Mentorship Program


  • Up to $20 000 / year
  • 10 x visits at up to $2 000 each
  • Selection is based off of applications received
  • More info to come

Olympic Medal Incentive Program


  • $ 15 000.00 available for every Olympic Games based on the matrix outlined in the program document.
  • Up to 4 Coaches (Primary, University / Senior Development, Age Group Development) can receive funding per medal won.
  • Provides recognition and incentive for our coaches to put a higher priority on preparing our swimmers for major international competition.

  • Encourages our club coaches to lay the foundation and develop training plans focused on career results.

  • Provides recognition and incentive for all of our coaches to put a greater emphasis on long course meters training.

  • Encourages more cooperative and effective interaction between our club and college coaches.


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